Hastings Community TV, 200 General Sieben Dr., Hastings, MN 55033
station phone 651.480.7614
station fax 651.480.7650

Our Story


We’ve told a lot of stories through television but many viewers may not be aware of our story.

our story 1Hastings Community TV is the public access station that has served the great city of Hastings MN since 1983. We enjoy partnerships with the city and the school district but operate independently from both as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization led by an Executive Director and a volunteer Board of Directors. Our main source of funding comes from Comcast through a standard franchise agreement between a cable company and a city. The city gives Comcast sole operation in Hastings and in return we receive three channels for Hastings’ use and a small percentage of the revenue to
operate those channels. The channels in these agreements are commonly referred to as the “PEG” channels: Public (we refer to as Community), Education (and Sports for us) and Government. All three channels are only viewable by those residing within Hastings' city limits and have cable TV.

our story 2Producing the content to fill those channels is a talented team of volunteers, Hastings residents and a small staff. We all try to produce a variety of programs to appeal to viewers of all ages and interests. Apparently our programs appeal to those outside of Hastings as well. Just in the last three years our work has been recognized with five regional Emmy nominations and two Emmy winning awards. But it's not about the statues for us, it's always been about Hastings. You can count on us continuing to work hard so you can continue to watch more new programs that benefit our community. So stay tuned and see what we come up with next!